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If you are looking for a holiday villa or a an opportunity for a Greek Golden Visa, just an hour from a major capital, Athens, but want a sense of the unspoiled beauty of nature, then consider Kea.

At Keanaissance, we aim to bring international investors to Kea to invest in spectacular property.

Working with leading architects, developers and designers, we can show you prime locations near the luxury hotel the One&Only Kea Island, developed by award-winning Miltos Kambourides and opening in 2022.

Miltos was a speaker at the FTE Investor Summit Mykonos 2021 where he presented the future One&Only Kea.

The Golden Visa Opportunity

The Greece Golden Visa Program is considered one of the most affordable residence by investment programs that provide access to Europe. Successful applicants and their families are able to benefit from visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area within two months of applying.

The Total Investment Cost in property is 250.000€ and without the need to reside in Greece, the property can be rented. 

The Property Experience

Julie Meyer invited me to come to Kea, Greece, to discover the island with a view to buying property there. I was incredibly impressed with the island and have decided to build a home there. Due to the quality of partners that she introduced me to, I was able to find the right opportunity quickly. The organisation of the trip to Kea was outstanding, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in buying property or building a residence in Greece.

Discover One&Only Kea, a Spectacular Luxury Resort opening in 2022 presented at the FTE Investor Summit 2021 Mykonos

Companies Hosted at Keanaissance

Why Choose Keanaissance for Property


Experienced & Professional Team

The team behind Keanaissance will search properties for you depending on location, your preferences, and budget.


Private Chauffeur & Complimemtary Transportation

From your arrival at the Athens Airport or the port of Kea to the Villa Carpe Diem, our complimentary driving service & private chauffeurs are available to you 24/7, depending on your preferences.


Beautiful Setting

The Island of Kea is an internationally undiscovered island with stunning nature and luxurious villas & mansions which will spark your creativity & .


Nothing is left to chance

During and before your stay at Kea, our team organise your whole visit – from the property scouting to the administrative part required for foreigners to buy property in Greece.

Property Concierge Service

We offer a complete Concierge service to clients wishing to invest in Greek property.

If you are wishing to invest in Greek property, we will offer you a concierge service helping you through the full process of buying property.

Each client will be assigned a concierge who will oversee the entire transaction – from identifying the property to purchase completion and moving in.

Whether the property is a holiday home, a permanent residence or a buy-to-let apartment, we will co-ordinate with the appropriate experts to ensure a seamless transaction for clients. (5)

Explore the Property or Join the Golden Visa Programme

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