Keanaissance Edition 1


June 2021

For the first time ever, our luxurious Villa Carpe Diem in 2021 hosted an Executive Retreat Keanaissance Edition 1.

Keanaissance is a space where you can relax, let the creativity develop, become innovative and generate new ideas to take your company forward.

This exclusive retreat gathered our business partners, friends and their families to take part in fun activities and interesting presentations. It is a unique opportunity to connect with people in an unofficial setting and start building relationships that last a lifetime.

Keanissance is a place where you don't have to worry about anything.

Our trusted team is here to take care of all your needs.

What Our Guests Have to Say

I think the world really needs a place like this where we can all come together and discuss ideas and look at future projects.
…an amazing mind-expanding event at an amazing place with amazing people.
I was biking this morning and explaining to a friend WHY Keannaissance. Reflection affirms. Julie, SO appreciate that you generously invited a diverse, complimentary group to share a weekend together - the perfect environment to advance ideas, and mostly create trust. This typically takes MANY meetings, conversations and we all had the opportunity to meaningfully connect over presentations, activities, meals, music and fun. When I think about my work to create these situations for globally dispersed execs, I’m immensely grateful that Julie fast cycled transforming a ‘group’ to trusted business relationships and friendship.
We were sharing ideas, discussing opportunities and gaining creative energy for our business to develop in such a beautiful environment like Kea here in Greece. What could you wish more?

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