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VIVA Investment Partners – founded by leading private equity and technology entrepreneurs, announces the KEANAISSANCE SMART ISLAND CHALLENGE launching at KEANAISSANCE Edition 2 – 2nd – 5th of June 2022 in Kea, Greece.

Greece has been leading the way in terms of embracing the Future of New Energies:
It has attracted Leading Int’l Companies for the Future of Mobility:

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Verbier, Switzerland & Kea, Greece are Twins

Twenty years ago, Verbier, Switzerland was still primarily a ski town. But many leading entrepreneurs had the vision to create a year-round community. They started to ‘colonise’ it and develop it, solving infrastructure challenges along the way. Today many people live in Verbier year round taking advantage of its beauty, village life, and contributing to the ambience.

Similarly Kea is a fantastic holiday destination – The Little Known Greek Island of Kea – The Athenian Secret, and swells to 10,000 during the summer. But only 2500 people live in Kea all year round. The island is full of investment opportunities and has many infrastructure challenges from water, to energy/electricity, healthcare and education. It has many high-profile but discreet politicians, and entrepreneurs and has mostly kept its head down for the past decades.

Kea – The Smart Island

The Keanaissace Smart Island Challenge will forge a Circular Economy Template in Kea attracting significant start-ups and entrepreneurs who wouldn’t have otherwise contemplated going to Kea.

VIVA Investment Partners has plans to develop a Smart Island through Private and Institutional Investment into Businesses that can create communities, innovative energy and mobility platforms and networks across the islands.

Kea is an easy island visit: One flies into Athens Int’l and takes a taxi to Lavrio Port (20 minute trip/€30 fare) and then the ferry to Kea.

Leading Property Developers, Architects & Designers as well as Technology, Energy and Telecoms firms will participate at Keanaissance Edition 2 – Annual Event in Kea – Keanaissance

Applying For the Challenge

High-velocity firms and their management teams are invited to join the Keanaissance Smart Island Challenge by applying and submitting their details in the form.


The Entrepreneurs who are selected will be invited to the KEANAISSANCE Edition 2 Summit and will present on the 4th of June 2022. Their keynotes will be live-streamed and rebroadcast through the Keanaissance Platforms which reach an audience of 325,000 around the world.

Investors in Energy & Mobility Companies

More than 50 investors are expected to attend Keanaissance Edition 2, and Investors can apply here for the Keanaissance Investor Programme.

Partners & Established Companies

If you are an Automotive, Oil & Gas or Energy, Logistics or Transportation, Property Developer or Architect, we want you to participate in the Keanaissance Smart Island Challenge as well by attending Keanaissance, connecting to the Innovators, and sharing your vision of the future from your perch of the Established Industries looking to Lean into the Future.

What are we looking for in the

Keanaissance Smart Island Challenge

Hydrogen companies

Drones businesses who seek to build a Pan-Island Network

Charge Point Networks

Electric Vehicle / Bike Companies

Waste to Energy Companies

Desalination Companies

Light Communication Companies

Battery Companies

Fleet Management Firms

What the Smart Island Challenge will do for you as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs and High-Velocity Firms that participate in the Keanaissance Smart Island Challenge will enjoy:

  • Visibility
  • Access to Capital
  • Networking with Potential Partners
  • And a beautiful time in Kea

We look forward to welcoming you all to Keanaissance Edition 2 and the Smart Island Challenge.

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