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In 2013, the founder of VIVA Investment PartnersJulie Meyer – first went to Greece at the invitation of Alexandra Vovolini of Economia Publishing House, one of Greece’s leading business publishers.  Economia bought the rights to Dr Meyer’s book:  Welcome to Entrepreneur Country, translated it into Greek, and hosted a book tour introducing Dr Meyer to leading Greek entrepreneurs.

In 2014, Dr Meyer started visiting the islands of Greece starting with Mykonos, and she returned annually in August.

In October 2019, she returned to Athens to begin the expansion of VIVA Investment Partners into Greece. She bought property in Kea, hosted three investor summits for hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors, and set up corporate flats in Kolonaki, Athens.

Today, she invites you to follow her and VIVA Investment Partners as they expand their Greek business, and build out their investment management firm in Greece.

In October 2021, Dr Meyer launched The Mykonos Decade, which announced VIP’s plans to build an investment platform in the Greek islands. In 2022, they completed the establishment of Kea Investment Partners.

Kea Investment Partners has launched a Property & Investment Club & Platform which they invite you to invest in if you are looking for a way:

  • to identify investment opportunities in Greece and in Kea
  • to establish residency in Greece
  • to relax and restore yourself
  • to build key relationships
  • to receive invitations to the two annual investor summits that VIP hosts
  • to build an important dividend stream
  • to own a Greek hideaway, a first step into a Mediterranean lifestyle, and
  • to have a share of an offsite strategy location for your

Kea Investment Partners is committed to solving the Infastructure Challenges of the Greek Islands, by attracting entrepreneurs from around the world to build a Smart Island. This model of a Smart Island and a Circular Economy will build a vibrant Micro-Economy which will be transferrable to other Greek islands. The goal is to build a strong network of vibrant economies in the islands.

If you would like to become a member of our Investment Club, please send an email to Sophia Douni on [email protected]

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