1st Anniversary of KEA Rising™

For our 1st Anniversary of KEA Rising™, founded in June 2023, we have designed a special Care Package from Kea with love.  For just $200 USD, we will deliver a beautifully curated basket featuring the finest products Kea is known for: Acorn Cookies, island Honey, handcrafted Pottery, and Homemade Soaps. Share a piece of the island with your friends and loved ones today:

Keanaissance Summit Edition 2

Relive the experience

Property Perfection

If you are looking for a holiday villa or a forever home where you can live just an hour from a major capital, Athens, but want a sense of the unspoiled beauty of nature, then consider Kea.

Exclusive Executive Retreats

A business offsite where your team can relax, let the creativity develop and generate the new ideas that will take your company forward.

Personal Retreats

An exquisite luxury villa in the island of Kea, our favourite Greek destination, hand-chosen by the VIVA Investment Partners team to ensure it matches our highest standards.

The New Global Partner of Keanaissance

Kea will be your Circuit Breaker.

Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, yet in close proximity to Athens, Kea is uniquely positioned to accommodate a relaxing family trip or a summit with business partners. The pristine beaches and undiscovered hikes on the island will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable getaway.

Keanaissance is delivered by a World Class team of professionals

The most significant value of the Keanaissance team is their ability to design tailor-made solutions for the best possible experience. If you require an audio-video production team for your company retreat, or you are searching for a marvellous architect to plan your dream house on Kea, leave everything in the hands of our team.

Services offered at Keanaissance

Our Audio-Video team offers a wide range of services, from photographing and staging events to live-streaming on different platforms to the whole world. The team has successfuly produced the FTE Kea 2020 & Keanissance Edition 1 at Kea.

Working with leading architects, developers and designers, we can show you prime locations near the luxury hotel the One&Only Kea Island, developed by award-winning Miltos Kambourides and opening in 2022.

The Aquatorium around Kea is one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades region. Our team can organise tours to the nearby Poseidon temple or the Island of Kithnos on luxury boats and yachts that can accommodate up to 25 people and offer open bar & lunch services.

During the whole stay at Kea, our Catering team or a Private Chef is at your disposal. Enjoy the local Greek specialities such as souvlaki, stuffed tomatoes, moussaka or a classic Greek salad.

From your arrival at the Athens Airport or the port of Kea to the Villa Carpe Diem, our complimentary driving service is available to you, depending on your preferences.

Depending on your group size, one or more private chauffeurs will be at your service for 24 hrs.

During the time of your stay at Kea & Villa Carpe Diem, an IT technician will be at your disposal in case of any additional requests or unexpected events.

If it is needed we can offer help in setting up an office in Greece.

Companies Hosted at Keanaissance

What Our Guests Have to Say

Julie Meyer invited me to come to Kea, Greece, to discover the island with a view to buying property there. I was incredibly impressed with the island and have decided to build a home there. Due to the quality of partners that she introduced me to, I was able to find the right opportunity quickly. The organisation of the trip to Kea was outstanding, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in buying property or building a residence in Greece.
I think the world really needs a place like this where we can all come together and discuss ideas and look at future projects.
…an amazing mind-expanding event at an amazing place with amazing people.
I was biking this morning and explaining to a friend WHY Keannaissance. Reflection affirms. Julie, SO appreciate that you generously invited a diverse, complimentary group to share a weekend together - the perfect environment to advance ideas, and mostly create trust. This typically takes MANY meetings, conversations and we all had the opportunity to meaningfully connect over presentations, activities, meals, music and fun. When I think about my work to create these situations for globally dispersed execs, I’m immensely grateful that Julie fast cycled transforming a ‘group’ to trusted business relationships and friendship.
We were sharing ideas, discussing opportunities and gaining creative energy for our business to develop in such a beautiful environment like Kea here in Greece. What could you wish more?

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