Keanaissance Edition 1


2nd - 5th June 2022

Keanaissance Summit Edition 2 will be your Circuit Breaker

Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th June 2022

Keanaissance is a platform and a sanctuary for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are building the future and wish to come together in a beautiful environment from which they can take their visions, missions and companies forward.

Tickets include accommodation and the Full Keanaissance Experience including the PreSummit – exploring the beautiful setting of the Greek island, evening events and the Summit – Keynote part of the circuit breaker.


Keanaissance Edition 2

Reasons to join

The Circuit Breaker

Take a break from your business schedule and come together with entrepreneurs & investors from allover Europe. 

Beautiful Location

Kea is an island of unspoiled beauty, just an hour away from Athens. Explore it on our 2 Day Pre-Summit.

New possibilities

Discuss new opportunities with business leaders with different bacgrounds.

Relax & Enjoy

Delicious Mediterranean food and unmached Greek hospitality awaits you.

Build the Future

The Keanaissance network is filled with changemakers, the ones opposing the status Quo and reshaping the Economy.

Lifelong partnerships

The intimate atmosphere at Keanaissance will enable you to connect with other attendees like never before.


Day 1 - June 2nd - Arrivals & Sunset Drinks Opening

Welcome to Kea. We want you to settle in, relax and prepare for the activities to follow while enjoying the sunset.

Day 2 - June 3rd - Pre-Summit

Spend the day discovering the natural beauties of Kea and the surrounding coast while getting to know your fellow delegates or opt in for a day full of activities with Sweat Vacay.

Day 3 - June 4th - Summit

The summit starts outside on the terrace with breaks for networking. We spend the evenings on the veranda enjoying the incredible sunset and discovering new restaurants on the island.

Day 4 - June 5th - Brunch on the Verandha and Departure

We’re sad to wrap up the summit, but hoping you’ll bring back home memories and connections for a lifetime. Enjoy your leisure time while waiting for your transportation home.


Stephen Edkins

CEO at Digital Commodity Exchange (DCX)
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Arnon Katz

Arnon Katz, founder of MetaTech foundation is a visionary and entrepreneur, a pioneer of the internet community in Israel
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Harvey Griffiths

Chief Executive at Horizon Institutional Investment Funds
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Michael Moszynski

Founder & CEO of LONDON Advertising
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Thomas Zeumer

CEO & Co-Founder of ZEX Zuper Experience
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Leanne Kovacic

Helping Companies Transform their Workplace at Workplace Strategy Group
Read More →

Julie Meyer

Chief Executive Officer at VIVA Investment Partners
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Darya Shaterloo

Founder of Hectocorn, an International Asset Backed Brokerage
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Graham Hellier

Founder & Chairman at World Continuing Education Alliance
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Jean-Pierre Heim

Jean-Pierre HEIM is a visionary international architect and designer with active design practices in New York, Paris and Greece.
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Jack Russo

Managing Partner at Computerlaw Group LLC
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Lauren Demarest

Co-Founder & CEO at Sweat Booker and Sweat Vacay
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Vicky Athanassoglou

International Business Lawyer (Athens / Düsseldorf), Arbitrator, Mediator
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Scott Fulton

Co-Chief Investment Officer at VIVA Investment Partners
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douglas olofsson

Douglas Olofsson

Chief Operating Officer at Tutum Capital
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David Batstone

Co-Founder & Senior Managing Partner, Just Business CEO at Blackstone Technology Holding AG
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Chris Richardson

Founder and Partner at C. W. Richardson & Associates
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Discover the jewel of the Greek Cyclades Islands: Kea

Where you play is more important than how you play — you need to identify and ride waves. Greece is a massive wave — so many organisations are investing in Greece that it is smart to be a co-investor and reap the benefit of the leverage that other people’s investment will provide.

Some people outperform their index. What VIVA Investment Partners is doing is bringing those people together which further maximises the potential return. Spend time with, invest with and work with those people who have a track record of outperforming their index.

Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, close to Athens, Kea is uniquely positioned to accommodate a relaxing summit with business partners in an unforgettable setting. Connect, learn, and relax – Kea has it all. The pristine beaches and undiscovered hikes on the island will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable getaway.

I think the world really needs a place like this where we can all come together and discuss ideas and look at future projects.
…an amazing mind-expanding event at an amazing place with amazing people.

For any additional information please contact [email protected]

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