Arnon Katz

Co-Founder at MetaTech Foundation

Arnon Katz, founder of MetaTech foundation is a visionary and entrepreneur, a pioneer of the internet community in Israel with 25+ years track record as founder of several start-up companies and unicorn projects, Arnon is mentoring and advising young entrepreneurs, with excellent familiarity with online technologies, investors and philanthropist, active in real estate, fin-tech and the development of the entrepreneurial culture in different cities around the world.

MetaTech foundation is a non-profit Global Solution Tank for the adoption of advanced technologies in developing countries. The MetaTech foundation facilitates the integration of digital technologies to support economic growth and prosperity. They lead the way in the innovation of blockchain technology, digital assets and FinTech. MetaTech works along with governments for the successful adoption of digital technologies. They support the global crypto community to speak as a unified finance sector and promote innovation and blockchain technology as means for financial freedom.

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