Kevin T. Loman

Chief Executive Officer at iQ International AG and iQ Power AG

Kevin T. Loman is an environmental entrepreneur and the CEO of iQ Power AG, a Swiss-based energy technology company.  In 2018 Kevin co-founded iQ International AG to amalgamate two struggling energy technology companies as part of a turnaround strategy.  In late 2019 iQ International was listed on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.  In mid-2021 iQ Power will be spun out of iQ International through a creative reorganization conceived by Kevin and executed by him, his co-founder, and their team.  This transaction will include a $95 million financing for iQ Power and the acquisition of the battery assets from the publicly traded parent.  The inflow of cash makes it possible, as a final step in the restructuring plan, for the listed company to change its business to the digital infrastructure, cybersecurity and fintech sectors through a merger with US-based TerraScale, Inc., a company operating in the space.

Throughout his career, Kevin has been involved with companies focused on various battery types, clean technology, renewable energy, and waste to energy & fuels.  Kevin has spent decades integrating technologies into global markets through rehabilitating companies, building manufacturing relationships, setting up distribution channels, and negotiating acquisitions and JV partnerships.  Kevin has been involved in successfully turning around 4 battery factories, and today he is recognized as a global rehabilitator and developer of clean energy technologies, with an aptitude for taking an underperforming technology and turning it into a worldwide endurance product.  Kevin’s ability to foresee where technology is best positioned has produced transformative results for high echelon partners including major energy companies, foremost family business offices and government organizations.  Most recently, Kevin has expanded his involvement in cleantech as an investor co-founding Stellar3, and 17Cicada.  Stellar3 is envisioned to be a leader in providing technologies and operational skills internationally for the handling of many forms of waste and the conversion of that waste into carbon black, power, high-quality fuels and hydrogen.  The company is rethinking landfills and waste as we know it.  17Cicada is a producer of sustainable biomolecules for industry through eco-friendly biomolecule synthesis.  The core technology for the company is proprietary cyanobacterial strains, and metabolic engineering know-how.  The business is initially focused on manufacturing two products, Scytonemin and Hyaluronic Acid, all reducing the carbon footprint.

Kevin was a major investor and part of a management team that successfully led the financial restructuring of iQ Power Licensing AG, owner of a portfolio of award-winning patented technologies for battery performance and production.  The team also rehabilitated the company’s South Korean battery manufacturing subsidiary iQ Power Asia Inc., in which it jointly owned with Daewoo International and 5 major banks.  The management group led by Kevin negotiated reorganization agreements with the company’s shareholders and creditors, replaced the board, revised the global licensing strategy, and re- started production at the Korean battery factory.  These efforts concluded with a court and creditor accepted rehabilitation plan, and the company’s positive graduation from rehabilitation.  During this period Kevin established contract manufacturing relationships and built the battery distribution network in the ASEAN, MENA, GCC, CIS and SAARC political regions, where he developed and implemented the first 2-year warranty product platform in the region’s history, which became the standard in the market.

Today iQ Power has a valuable portfolio of 68 international patents, and more than 41 patents pending, part of the portfolio has been valuated at more than $353 million.  In reorganizing the company Kevin developed a business plan around iQ International’s intellectual property to vertically integrate and roll up the battery industry.  iQ Power services both original equipment manufacturers and the battery aftermarket.  Through the introduction of the above-mentioned technologies, which dramatically enhance the performance and manufacturing efficiency of batteries, and reduce the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain, iQ Power is transforming the lead-acid battery market.

For his work as an environmental innovator, Kevin was recently featured in the official History of Parliament Trust 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation commemorative album along with his colleague and known scholar Dr. Athan Fox of Cambridge University.

Kevin’s passion for the environment and his commitment to its stewardship drives his dedication towards commercializing clean technologies.  This passion is further demonstrated by the time he has contributed consulting with companies building plantations in Africa for the production of biodiesel and bio jet-fuel, and his advisory role to organizations such as the Africa Business Portal.  Kevin has served on the board of several clean energy technology and battery manufacturing companies.  Kevin’s fundamental objective is to profitably bring inventive technologies to the global market, having the greatest positive impact on the environment possible.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and is an active member of YPO.

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